Haldon Station - Management Team

Haldon Station's success to date can be contributed to the passionate and brilliant team of people living and working here at Haldon Station.

Owners: Hans and Jenny Klisser

General Manager: Paddy Boyd

Operations Manager: Tim Mee

Administration: Barbara Boyd

Livestock Manager – Sheep & Cattle: Marcus Nurse

Maintenance Manager: Kristoffer Batchelor

Tractor Driver and Associated
Agricultural Work: Andrew Morley

Cook: Pamela Stevenson

Caretaker/Gardens : Patrick Aratema

Head Shepherd: Cam Clayton

Shepherds: Bryn Drummond and Clayton Gray

Deer Farmhand: Scott Webster

General Farmhand: Abby Eaton

Housekeeper: Nicola Coulter

The partners of the employees, Lucy Nurse and Jade Batchelor, are also a very important part of the team here at Haldon often helping out whenever an extra hand is needed: their contribution is also highly valued.