Haldon Station - Management Team

Haldon Stations success to date can be contributed to the passionate and brilliant team of people living and working here at Haldon Station.

Owners: Hans and Jenny Klisser

General Manager: Paddy Boyd

Development Manager: Hamish Boyd

Administration: Barbara Boyd

Stock Manager: Matt Clark

Maintenance Manager: Alister Gilmour

Tractor Driver and Associated
Agricultural Work: Chris Bradshaw

Cook: Dianne Little

Caretaker/Gardens : Stephen Little

Head Shepherd: Jonny Andrews

Shepherds: Jacob Crowe and Josh Hubbard.

School Teacher: Nicola Coulter

A correspondence school is run at the station for both children who live at Haldon and neighbouring stations. The school currently has 7 pupils.

The partners of the employees, Keri-Ann Little, Lisa Gilmour , Belinda Ireton and Kim Stretch are also a very important part of the team here at Haldon often helping out whenever an extra hand is needed: their contribution is also highly valued.