Haldon Station - Red Deer

Haldon Station carries 3000 Red deer breeding hinds, 1000 velveting stags and sires and 2500 replacement hinds and finishing stock.

As one of the industries original pioneers of deer farming in New Zealand, Haldon Station has from the beginning endeavored to breed genetically superior high performing red deer, producing top quality venison and velvet.

With Haldon’s initial herd being developed in the days of live capture, the herds’ genetics have improved considerably with the establishment of an on farm breeding program with the selection of only top performing animals being picked to enter the breeding program in order to create an elite breeding herd.

In more recent times top European blood lines have been introduced in an ongoing pursuit of producing absolute quality progeny. Haldon deer are renowned and breed for their quiet temperament, quality body weights and impressive velvet yields.

Haldon Station received the Deer Industry New Zealand Environmental Award 2006 for
Excellence and Innovation in a Demanding Environment. Presented by the Deer Industry of New Zealand and the New Zealand Deer Farmers Association, Sponsored by Duncan and Co.