Haldon Station at a glance

Farm Name: Haldon Station
Owners: Hans and Jenny Klisser
Manager: Paddy Boyd
Location: Mackenzie Country
Altitude: 365m-1525m
Size: 22,000 ha (54,363 acres)
Annual rainfall: 300mm-500mm/pa.
Temperature Range: -20c – +40c
Stock: Merino & halfbred sheep, Hereford, Angus cattle and Red deer
Grasses Grown: Range from intensively farmed irrigated ryegrasses to high country native tussock

Our Farming Policy

Natural Farming Practices are employed wherever possible here at Haldon. Animal welfare is a primary concern.

All animals at Haldon are grazed outdoors in open pastures all year round and fed purely on grasses plus some hay and grain supplementation in the very cold winter months.