Haldon Station Management Team

Haldon Station’s success to date can be contributed to the passionate and brilliant team of people living and working here at Haldon Station.

Owners: Hans and Jenny Klisser
Station Manager/Director: Paddy Boyd
Director: Edward Klisser
Administration: Barbara Boyd
Livestock Manager Sheep & Cattle: Cory
Head Shepherd: Cam
Shepherds: Clayton and Daniel
Operations Manager: Tim
Maintenance Manager: Kris
Tractor Driver and associated agricultural work: Kross
Cook: Jo
Caretaker/Gardens: Ross
General Farm Hand: Abbie
Homestead Housekeeper: Nicola

The partners of the employees, Sharna and Jade, are also a very important part of the team here at Haldon, often helping out whenever an extra hand is needed. Their contribution is highly valued.

Contact Us

Haldon Station
On Lake Benmore
Mackenzie Country
New Zealand

Phone +64 3 680 6649
Email info@haldonstation.co.nz