Haldon Station Sheep

Haldon Station Merinos have a revered reputation for producing bright soft handling and well nourished wool. This wool has an excellent crimp and a micron level which we have fine tuned over the years into a band between the 16.8-17.8 micron level. The merino Ewes clip 5 kg wool on average.

The Haldon flock was initially established on Merryville blood lines which have over the last decade been improved through sourcing top quality rams from both Australia and New Zealand which have been single sire mated with our best merino ewes to ensure that only the best quality ewe lambs are retained for breeding purposes. The Merino ewes consistently lamb at greater than 100% well above the district average.

The half-bred and quarter-bred ewes produce quick growing lambs which because of their attributes are keenly sought after at our annual lamb sale.

The practice mulesing is NOT used at Haldon Station.

Haldon Station Merino Sheep Lamb Sale

Lambs are for sale through direct contact with the farm Manager Paddy Boyd.

Inspection welcome.

Paddy Boyd, Station Manager
Haldon Station
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